- Rumi

“And the Oscar goes to Carol Frost,” announced the presenter. The theatre erupted in applause as everyone leapt to their feet.  

“See you in a bit,” whispered Carol, as she kissed her husband, Matthew.   

Overwhelmed by the response of her peers, her eyes glistened, as she accepted the award. She was being honoured for her portrayal of a foreign correspondent, caught up in the escalating civil unrest of a developing nation. The film, ‘Shutter’, told the story of how her character braved the crisis to save a young girl, Aria, heroically giving her life up in the process.  

“I am so grateful,” said Carol, beginning her acceptance speech. “So incredibly thankful for the opportunity that movie-making has given me – the chance to see the world from a different perspective.  

“To walk in someone else’s shoes and really comprehend what a less-privileged life looks like. And then to share those insights with others. Spreading the stories that can so easily go untold – giving a voice to the voiceless. It’s an honour and a responsibility.  

“Working on ‘Shutter’ made me realise that responsibility. And fulfilling it has been the answer I have sought out for a long time.  

“Our world is full of injustices. Gender inequality, racism, indigenous oppression, animal rights – these are the collective issues we face. Can I ignore them just because my life is a happy one? How can I even be truly happy when these evils plague humanity?  

“In making this movie, in helping to tell Aria’s story, I went on a journey inside myself. While searching for me, I realised that real elation comes from bringing joy to others. And that sometimes, you must give up some of your own happiness to find genuinely fulfilling satisfaction.”

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