- Unknown

A tear dropped on the page, as Sophie bent over to sign the Deed of Sale. She had loved the little home she and Richard had built together, but now, here they were selling it. And for what? To shine light on a truth the world deserved to know. A reality no one was brave enough expose.

It had been ten long years of meticulous research, chasing people and untouchable organisations to uncover hidden facts. Despite torrents of personal threats and obstacles barring her path, she finally had the full story.

Documented in her finished manuscript were the stories, the evidence of the ugly discrimination experienced by women. Revelations that could tear down empires, politicians and high-profile wolves. Disclosures that were so threatening to the world order, publishers refused to release her work.

She had risked it all. Her life, her relationships, she had lost so much. And now she was losing her home too. But she, and thankfully her husband believed in the importance of the truth. And now they had the funds to publish her book.

Two years went by. Sophie’s life was very different now, and the email she had just received was testament to that. “We are pleased to inform you,” it read, “your book ‘Unravelled’ has won the award of ‘International Bestseller’.”

Tears welled up in Sophie’s eyes. An outpouring of joy. She had done it. It wasn’t the acclaim that made her happy. It was knowing that she had inspired countless others to stand up, speak out and say no to discrimination. It was knowing she had fulfilled her purpose.

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