- Meher Baba

When King Mahima abdicated his throne, the farewell festivities went on for seven days and seven nights. The people honoured the just king who had ruled the largest kingdom known to man. They were sad to see him give up his crown. But they wished him well, as he set out on a journey of spiritual enlightenment.

For 32 years he traversed diverse landscapes. Denouncing the comforts and wealth he had once know, he sought answers for soulful fulfilment.

Relying on nature’s blessing and fortune’s favour for food and shelter, he occasioned on wise men and women. Beseeching them for advice, he served them through extreme conditions. And while he learnt much, his soul was not satisfied.

So onwards he trod, looking for his next teacher; and the next and the next.

“I am the great former king Mahima,” he would introduce himself each time, “I have given up all riches in search of deep understanding.”

But never did he find his true purpose, that which offered complete fulfilment.

Finally, he reached the imposing Mount Kahila. With hope in his heart, he commenced the treacherous climb. And there on its peak, he stumbled upon the humble sanctuary of the sage Kailasa.

“What brings you here?” inquired the sage.

“Answers,” came the reply, “I am the great former king Mahima. I have given up all riches in search of deep understanding. I once ruled over the greatest kingdom, but have spent the last 32 years seeking my inner purpose. And while I have met many wise souls, and renounced great wealth, enlightenment escapes my grasp.”

“You seem quite determined,” acknowledged the sage, “But I fear you have come to the wrong place. I have space only for one disciple, and in your baggage, you have brought the entire world with you.”

“But I come alone and empty-handed,” exclaimed Mahima, devastated and confused.

“You bring the weight of your false pride and ego, my king”, countered wise Kailasa, “That is something you have carried throughout your travels. You appear to take more pride in what you have renounced than in your quest.

To find true meaning you must deny your false self. Only then can your real self be known.”

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  • Suzanne McLean

    Very beautiful … Thankyou for your amazing wearable art ❤️❤️❤️

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