Somewhere in your closet, there's an item of clothing you have had for years. It may be faded and tattered, stretched out, with buttons missing or broken zips. You may not have even worn it for the longest time.

Yet despite many seasons of spring cleaning and periodic wardrobe culls, you have never parted with it. Even now, you can't imagine ever letting it go. Because imbued in its fabric is a part of you. A memory, a feeling, an attachment to your best sense of self.

In an era of fast fashion, how you look on the outside is given precedence. Keeping up with the latest styles and being on trend is often the calling card of fashionable society.

But while every outfit projects an image of your choosing, the clothes you wear wield more power than the ability to change how other people see you. They impact the way you envision and feel about yourself.

Think about it. Would you feel confident walking into a boardroom in your sweats? Do you see yourself as a conquering dynamo when enrobed in a food-stained snuggy?

It doesn't end there.

I believe the most powerful clothes are those that draw out the very essence of your being. Like a personal motto that always gives you a boost or a hard-earned award that reminds you of your capabilities, clothes can connect you to your inner truth.

These are the ones you cherish - the ones you can't let go.

In 'Bride In The Storm', I tell the story of Claudia, an officer in the army, hurriedly getting married before her deployment. Short on time, she settles for an ordinary dress, despite her dreams of white satin and lace. That is until her mother arrives, and gifts Claudia the wedding dress she herself got married in.

In it, Claudia feels like a goddess. The dress serves as a reminder of her childhood days, playing at being a princess under her mother's loving eye. More importantly, in it, she feels like her truest self.

Her army fatigues and sensible day-to-day clothes suit Claudia's pragmatic approach to life. But the dress connects her to a different part of herself—the Claudia who sees beauty in everything, who enjoys the whimsy of creation and is a romantic through-and-through.

Therein lies the magic.

When an item of clothing unites with a facet within you, it serves a purpose beyond mere aesthetics or practicality. It carries meaning—a celebration of your very essence, your spirit, your journey. And as such, it uplifts and empowers you.

To afford you that link is my goal. Rather than add to your wardrobe, I wish to contribute to your treasure box; your collection of keepsakes and mementos.

Encoded in my designs is a chance to connect and remind yourself of the experiences, struggles, victories and memories that define you. 

My Wayfarer scarves capture the journey of self, while the Gratitude range invokes self-care. At the same time, my Empower offerings reflect on the strength and resilience of your spirit.

In all, woven into the fabric are narratives that speak to the heart and soul of who you are.

With that in mind, I invite you to fall in love with the magic of your own enchanting stories.  Connect with them. Find yourself in them. Let them feed your spirit.

Your outfits should be more than a statement of style. They should unite you with the beauty of yourself; because clothes that do this are timeless. They are always in fashion.

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  • Namrata

    I m always spellbound after going through your write-ups 👍

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