The Journey Merino Wool Scarf Lifestyle Look
The Journey Merino Wool Scarf Artwork
The Journey Merino Wool Scarf Lifestyle Look
The Journey Merino Wool Scarf Casual Look
The Journey Merino Wool Scarf Casual Look
The Journey Merino Wool Scarf Still Shot


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Breaking through the thick growth, she found herself on the shore of a serene lake. Its sapphire surface twinkled in the soft light of dusk.  

Suddenly feeling weary from her struggles through the undergrowth, Adrianne stepped into the cooling waters. She wasn’t sure how she had gotten here. The last thing she remembered was the screech of brakes followed by a sickening crash.  

The gentle waters swirled around her legs, and she felt comforted by their embrace. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath of the evening air. As calm descended on her, Adrianne opened her eyes, noticing the small cottage that stood on the other side of the lake. Gentle curls of smoke emitted from its chimney.  

With nowhere else to go, Adrianne walked along the lake shores and knocked on the wooden door. Perhaps someone here would be able to supply the answers she sought.  

“Come in, Adrianne,” called out a familiar voice. Whoever it was knew her name. Puzzled, she pushed open the door and stepped inside.  

“You’re just in time,” said the aproned-woman in front of her, “Supper is almost ready.”  

In utter disbelief, a gasp escaped Adrianne’s lips. It was unmistakable. There in front of her, was herself. This woman looked exactly like her, apart from her clothes and a soft, glowing aura that outlined her form.  

“What is happening?” exclaimed Adrianne, confused and in disbelief. “Who are you? How did I get here? Am I dead? Or am I dreaming? This feels too real to be a dream.”  

The questions and thoughts tumbled out without pause.  

“Neither, actually,” came the answer, in a reassuring voice, “I’m you. I’m your inner consciousness. This is a rare occurrence, but it was always meant to be. And while it may be jarring, I’m here to let you know that it isn’t your time yet.”  

Adrianne’s mind was racing, yet for some reason, she felt reassured – like this news was a truth she already knew.  

“Why am I here then?” she inquired.  

“Because of your quest, your purpose,” replied the other-Adrianne. “You have some unfinished business to take care of. Those thirty-six young girls being trafficked – they need you. You are the sole hope for their innocent prayers. Only you can fight for their right to freedom, education and a place in society like your own.  

“Your real journey starts here. You’ll soon wake up to a challenging life that will threaten to cripple and emotionally break you. But you must remember that no force is strong enough to rupture your inner spirit. Trust in that.  

“Now come. I have made this special supper to give you strength for what’s ahead. Let’s enjoy it together.”

100% Merino wool
53" x 53" / 135 x 135 cms
Matt weave
AZO-Dye-Free digital print
Fringe finish
Dry clean only
Packed in a gift box
Designed in Sydney
Made in India

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