Celestree is a very women-centric brand, built on Meher’s personal conviction that patriarchy unjustly restricts the contributions of women. The male-dominance mindset is so deeply embedded in our collective psyche, even women may not realise the limits they are subconsciously placing on themselves.

Realising their own strength and accepting their own potential can help women shake off this ingrained conditioning. To do that you must look within yourself and find empowerment in the light that shines inside. This light cannot be tarnished by society and is therefore your best guide through a controlling world.
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Authentic expressions of yourself require a real connection. For uniquely personal outfits that go beyond aesthetics, you need clothing that ties into your sense of being.

We refer to such pieces as ‘meaningful fashion’ because they reflect the emotions and sentiments of your life’s journey. Such items offer a retelling of experiences and memories that you hold dear. And as such, they are and will always remain timeless.
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Children teach us that life is to be enjoyed. Take my daughter, for example. In carefree, single-minded fashion, she finds deep satisfaction in this simple purpose. It's hard not to envy her uncomplicated view of living.

As adults, we are hampered by the weight of the world, of society and ourselves. We forget that if we strip away all the wants, must-dos, and buts, if we listen to that guiding voice inside us, we can find real contentment.

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